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Does Dopamine Discipline (Quit Porn Mastery) Actually Work?
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ABSOLUTELY STUNNING & Fast Results From Our Clients

Men Are Crushing It In All Areas Of Their Life Due To Quitting Porn


The Most Successful Method to Quit Porn:

  • Discover the cause of  your urges to watch porn, and understand what core human need creates your uncontrollable urges in the first place.
  • Create (you-specific) habits in day-to-day life which eliminate the "cause" of porn-urges (and make them slowly disappear over time).
  • Learn how to RE-CHANNEL that energy into other areas of your life where you will see huge semen-retention benefits.

What's included in the training? 


A comprehensive Quit Porn Masterclass. This course is the best service in the world to help you quit porn in under 7 days without fighting your urges and never going back to it again. 

There are six weeks all designed to help you get rid of your urges, quit for good and become the man you are meant to be. Each module of the six week course has simple action exercises to guide you every step along the way.  

Learn the proven HCT method along with thousands of other men to finally get this habit out of your life.

$5,500 VALUE


Twice a week you will join other men going through the same journey as you to quit for good. These calls are led by Josh and other expert licensed therapists. You can join the brotherhood of other men to share experiences, insight, obstacles and any other question you have about your journey. 

This habit can only be overcome with support from others. Optional calls will give you the opportunity for a supportive community who fully understands you and your struggle.

$4,300 VALUE


The menu is not the meal. It is hard to put into words the value this content will give you. Josh has pulled the most advanced techniques in behavioral engineering and the positive psychology field. 

These week’s will not only solidify your life without porn, but they will also give you the tools and framework to step into your fullest potential as a man on this planet. You will learn exercises on finding your “True Purpose”, The Social Connection Matrix and Neuro-Linguistic Programming methods to transform your subconscious for insane growth.

$4,500 VALUE


An elite group of other men to answer your daily questions, offer support, encouragement and feedback on your journey. Upon entering the group, you will see countless men months free of this habit. You will gain massive motivation from all of the success each of these men are having. 

You will be able to share and document your personal journey of growth. This community is what challenges you to step up your game and become the next man with porn out of his life.

$997 VALUE


You will be set up with your own personal group of other men. We set you up with other men of the same age and geographic location. A lot of the men who form bonds with each other stay friends long after they overcome this habit.

Network with other peak performing guys and have a tribe to support you every day through your toughest urges and obstacles.

$2,250 VALUE

TOTAL VALUE: $17,000+


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But wait, there's more!


Bonus #1 : S.A.R.M. ($400 Value)

How To Completely Get Rid Of Social Anxiety Around Attractive Women.

Bonus #2 : Online Dating Mastery ($200 Value) 

How To Get Women Interested In You On Dating Apps or Social Media.

Bonus #3 : Relapse Help From Coaches ($400 Value) 

If you relapse, you will get help to get clarity on what happened and outline strategy on how to not relapse again.  

Bonus #4 : Marriage Chemistry Booster ($200 Value) 

How to increase attraction, improve sex life and improve chemistry with your wife.  

Bonus #5 : Sexual Energy Transmutation Meditation ($200 Value)

How to re-channel untapped sexual energy into other areas of your life for strong drive, motivation and success.

Bonus #6 : NLP Urge Remover Method ($200 Value)  

How to completely remove porn-urge in the situation even if it’s so strong that you are about to relapse.

Bonus #7 : Motivation Magnifier ($150 Value) 

Cultivate "untapped" & Immense Motivation, not only to overcome urges, but to use for any goal you have in life.  

Bonus #8: Erectile Dysfunction Cure ($150 Value)

5 Easy Steps to Cure Your Erectile Dysfunction To Have
Long-lasting and fulfilling sex.

Bonus #9: Social Media Controller ($350 Value)  

Learn How to Break Free From Technology To Live a Conscious & Stress-Free Life.

Bonus #10: Dating & Attraction Mastery - Week 1 ($300)

Learn how to effortlessly meet, attract, and date multiple high-quality women of your choosing. 

TOTAL VALUE: $21,000+




Going On Dates + Relationships With Amazing Women

Taking Business To The Next Level With Extra Energy

Learn From a World-Famous Licensed Therapist 
specializing in porn-dependency

  • 8+ years of experience 

  • ​ 10,000 hours in research with porn-dependency clients

  • 1,000+ Client success stories

  • Proven-system that consistently gets results
Josh Hudson is one of the most sought-after behavioral therapists in the US who specializes in helping men with porn dependency issues. His unique Habit Construction Therapy ("HCT") Method helped over 1000 men quit porn and leverage the sexual energy to reach their full potential both in business and relationships. Scroll up and watch the videos on this page to see for yourself. Josh is the creator and founder of Dopamine Discipline and the head coach of the elite program. You will be learning directly from Josh Hudson and other licensed-therapists who are coaches within the program.

Everything you're getting today:

  • Dopamine Discipline Course ($5,500)
  • ​Weekly Calls With Coaches / Licensed Therapists ($4,300)
  • ​Elite Series Content ($4,500)
  • ​Private Facebook Group ($997)
  • ​Lifetime Accountability Group ($2,250)
  • ​Bonus #1: Social Anxiety Removal Method ($400)
  • ​Bonus #2: Accountability Mastermind ($1200)
  • ​Bonus #3: Relapse Help ($400)
  • ​Bonus #4: Marriage Chemistry Booster ($950)
  • ​Bonus #5: Sexual Energy Meditation ($200)
  • ​Bonus #6: Erectile Dysfunction Cure ($150)
  • ​Bonus #7: Social Media Controller ($350)
  • ​Bonus #8: Motivation Magnifier ($150)
  • ​Bonus #9: NLP Urge Remover Method ($200)
  • ​Bonus #10: Dating & Attraction Mastery - Week 1 ($300)

TOTAL VALUE: 21,000+

Want to pay it over the next 6 months with no interest or fees? Use PayPal Credit (US & UK Customers ONLY)

Don't forget... you have NOTHING to lose! (*other than some of your time...)

Frequently asked questions and policies
Have a question about the program? Check out our frequently asked questions and answers
Can I remain anonymous? 
We realize that this area of life can be a personal and sensitive issue. Many men who join the Dopamine Discipline program have social influence and or do not want other people in their life to know about their involvement. We ensure 100% anonymity across the whole program. You can attend the live calls with a pseudonym and no camera. You are able to make a fake facebook profile for the group and the receipt upon purchase does not detail the words “porn” or “masturbation”or any other words associated with the product on it.
What if I am not satisfied? (Refund Policy)
We are so certain of your success in quitting porn with the Dopamine Discipline program that we offer an “action-based” 30-day money back guarantee. We know that if you follow the whole program as it is intended and attend the live calls, you will get the same results as the hundreds of men before you. Our refund-policy is action-based, which means that in order to get a refund, you need to complete the training, do the action steps and exercises and attend the live calls. 
What happens if I relapse? 
Relapse is not a common occurrence with men who completely follow the program, but it does happen on rare occasions. We understand that falling down on occasion is part of the process. If you do have a mishap, we are there to help. We offer you 24/7 hour support, weekly live Q&A calls, an accountability partner and a free consultation call with Josh or one of the licensed coaches on the team. This pressured feedback makes success inevitable for you.
Do I have to practice full PMO?
First off, for those who don’t know. PMO stands for (Porn, masturbation and orgasm). Across thousands of hours Josh has taken a practical approach. Each action has specific consequences. We address your goals to your daily habits. Porn is obviously destructive and mandatory to give up. When it comes to M and O, that is personal preferences. We look deep into the course material on how much you can benefit from the whole practice of no P, M or O. 
How is this different from therapy or other info?
This is a great question. Therapy is a great entry tool for understanding your emotions. However, it is only one piece of the multifaceted puzzle that is your porn habit. Josh has understood from thousands of hours that in order to overcome this addiction you must address it from a psychological, habitual, societal, emotional, environmental and even spiritual level. This is the most comprehensive and complete course that will help you finally quit porn for good
I have more questions that are not answered here, how do I get answers?
If you have any questions at all about the course, you can email us at support@joshhudsoncoaching.net and we will always give you a straight answer, just allow us at least 24-48 hours to respond.
*Result representations made by Josh Hudson, PinnacleOfMen.com, their advertisers/sponsors are aspirational statements only of your success potential. These results are not typical and results will vary. The results on this page are results from successful guys. We can in no way guarantee you will get same results in specific amount of time. The success figures stated above are our personal success results and those of students from Dopamine Discipline and past programs created by Josh Hudson and James Mark Bold that worked extremely hard. Please understand my results are not typical, I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, patience, and work ethic. 
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