The program is based on cutting-edge Habit Construction Therapy (HCT) Method that completely removes porn-watching urges


Once These Spots Are Claimed, You Will NEVER See This Page Again 

If you want to quit porn, stop relapsing, and step in full control of your life...

Then This Ingenious Strategy Is Your Best Bet

You're about to discover why all men who used this strategy successfully, never went back to watching porn again. These men completely transformed their lives: They have doubled their confidence, motivation, discipline, creativity and many of them are dating the women of their dreams.

I know that sounds too good to be true... But I'm not asking you to believe me just yet... I'm only asking you to read what I have to say first before making up your mind...

Does This Sound Familiar?

After 1-2 weeks without watching porn, another person is inside of you, convincing you against your will to open that incognito tab and get that energetic rush.

One voice on your head is screaming "Don't do it, It's ruining your life."

But the other one takes the wheel and steers you right into the land of regret.
You know if you open your laptop and do the dirty deed… 10 seconds later you will immediately feel guilty and disgusted with yourself again.
Think about this for a moment…


  • The process helps you understand which human needs are creating your urges to watch porn in the first place  
  • It shows you EXACTLY what you need to do to completely remove the urges,
  • It shows you EXACTLY how you can re-channel sexual energy into other areas of your life to start seeing large improvements.  

If you want a simple, proven process to quit porn once and for all, then this is it.

If this doesn't sound like you, then you can stop reading here. We really only want driven guys who won't settle for average and truly want to dominate every aspect of their lives.  

 Who Am I Why Should You Listen To Me?

My Name is Josh Hudson.

I am Licensed Therapist in the state of California with over 10,000 hours of practice. Over last 7 years, I've helped myself and thousands of men overcome porn addiction. As an advocate quitting porn, I can testify that everything I have achieved is a result of overcoming this habit.


Get Results Like These Men...


The Most Successful Method to Quit Porn:

  • Discover the cause of  your urges to watch porn, and understand what core human need creates your uncontrollable urges in the first place.
  • Create (you-specific) habits in day-to-day life which eliminate the "cause" of porn-urges (and make them slowly disappear over time).
  • Learn how to RE-CHANNEL that energy into other areas of your life where you will see huge semen-retention benefits.

      When you do that...

      Not Only Will You Stop Watching Porn Forever... But You Will Not Feel The Temptation to Watch Porn in the First Place

      The most effective way to stop watching porn (whether it's in the next 3 or 20 years) is to uncover your true needs and RE-CHANNEL sexual energy into other areas of your life. If you never learn how to re-channel sexual energy into the correct outlets, then you will NEVER gain control over this habit.

      This is no fluff...

      It's not something you will hear from other therapists, and you can't find it anywhere on the internet.

      After working with 100+ clients and spending the past 7 years doing research as a licensed therapist... I have discovered a proven system that will finally have you quit porn once for all.

      Here's A Glimpse of What You'll Find In This Insanely Effective System

      This training is a combination of therapy-exercises and weekly group coaching calls


      • Fast-start exercises to get you to stop watching porn immediately.
      • By the end of this week, you will feel disgusted by porn, and you will have no desire to be part of what porn-industry creates.
      • Removing opportunities to watch porn with "urge prevention techniques"
      • ​This will allow you to break out of the shame cycle and start to play a new tune.


          • You will learn the true core needs that ACTUALLY cause you to watch porn and not ones you THINK cause your urges (Hint: it's not boredom and arousal)
          • For guys who are struggling, you'll have the opportunity to jump on a personal strategy call with me or one of the coaches to figure out exactly why you have urges.
          • By the end of the second week, you will start noticing how urges start to become lower and lower until they fade into nothing.


          • Undo all the effects porn has had on your life up to this point.
          • Removing laziness, social anxiety, lack of connection with women, bad relationships, postponing the important things in life, erectile dysfunction, quick ejaculation during sex, discomfort around attractive women, neediness with women, feeling weak as a man.


              • Most men report not even having urges at this point and they stop counting the days.
              • I help you create the EXACT environment and daily routines you need to keep urges out of your life and feel that incredible confidence in yourself.
              • You will learn how to create "high-status" habits in your life that make socializing, meeting gorgeous women and mastering charisma an effortless achievement
              • ​This week will also have you destroy those lofty goals you promised you would achieve long ago, but gave up on them due to porn's seductive lies.


              • By week 5, you will have an abundant amount of energy and testosterone flowing through you.
              • You will start redirecting that sexual energy to increase motivation and energy and thrive in other areas of your life.
              • I will show you how to use sexual transmutation as the most powerful source of energy and drive to achieve your goals 5x faster
              • ​Using these practices is only for advanced stage men, and this has been a secret used by the top 1% of men across the history of time to build billion-dollar empires and top athletic achievements.

                  WEEK 6: ELITE SERIES

                  STEP IN FULL CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE AND REACH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL (Health, Wealth, Relationships)

                  • These methods are insanely advanced (only for my private clients)
                  • I decided to only release them to men who have gone a minimum of 45 days in the program with no relapse.
                  • More than just quitting porn: these strategies are what allow men to completely re-organize their life for maximal and allow them to reach their full potential.

                  6 BONUSES:

                  Bonus #1 : S.A.R.M. ($400 Value)

                  How To Completely Get Rid Of Social Anxiety Around Attractive Women.

                  Bonus #2 : Online Dating Mastery ($200 Value) 

                  How To Get Women Interested In You On Dating Apps or Social Media  

                  Bonus #3 : Relapse Help From Coaches ($400 Value) 

                  f necessary (if you relapse), you will get help to get clarity on what happened and outline strategy on how to not relapse again.  

                  Bonus #4 : Marriage Chemistry Booster ($200 Value) 

                  How to increase attraction, improve sex life and improve chemistry with your wife.  

                  Bonus #5 : Sexual Energy Transmutation Meditation ($200 Value)

                  How to re-channel untapped sexual energy into other areas of your life for strong drive, motivation and success.

                  Bonus #6 : NLP Urge Remover Method ($200 Value)  

                  How to completely remove porn-urge in the situation even if it’s so strong that you are about to relapse.

                  Weekly Q & A + Coaching Support

                  Josh, coaches Frank, & Abi will respond to you 24/7 with any questions you have about how to conduct exercises, overcome obstacles and implement this program effortlessly. For all the urges, or instant help, you will be assigned an accountability partner and accountability group with other members.

                  HOW THE PROGRAM WORKS:

                  • Pre-Recorded Coaching Videos Walking You Step-by-Step Through the 3 Steps of HCT Method. 
                  • Action Steps: After every single video, you will have the exact action steps on what to do to make it easy, fast and effective to quit porn within days.
                  •  Live Coaching: Live coaching calls, Q&A with coaches, and accountability group.


                  Here's What My Private
                  Clients Say About The System

                  Our IRON-CLAD 100% Guarantee

                  I am so confident that this training program will help you quit porn and help you reach your full potential—just like it has for hundreds of men all over the world. 

                  I am so confident that this training program will help you quit porn and help you reach your full potential—just like it has for hundreds of men all over the world. 

                  Terms of "action-based" money back guarantee

                  - You must complete full training and post all exercises

                  - You must attend at least 2 live Q&A Calls with coaches

                  - You must show that you put in the effort to the best of your ability

                  - If you completed the above steps and still don't feel you are on the path to quitting then we will issue a refund (No questions aske

                  I guarantee that this training will help you quit porn and get out of that downward cycle of porn which leads to depression, frustration and shame. I promise you that your cycle of isolation, depression, shame, guilt, low motivation and more will all disappear. Your confidence will double with people. Your creativity will begin to soar. Your productivity and feeling of peaceful power will be unleashed.

                  Basically, the goals you are supposed to achieve, the woman you are supposed to be with and the man you are supposed to be is on the other side of this addiction.

                  I guarantee that you will reach your goals three times and you will have more fun doing it than ever before.

                  If you do not see these results after closely following our guidelines from the training (and you have a proof that you do), email support@pinnacleofman.com with a refund request and proof that you have satisfied the terms above and we will issue your refund within 48 hours.

                  100% Confidential (& can be Anonymous)

                  If you are not comfortable with other members seeing your face or name (if you are influential or a business person), we allow members to create a separate Facebook profile without showing their name or face.

                  You can attend live calls without camera 

                  Personal information will never be mentioned

                  Since quitting porn can be a sensitive topic for some guys,

                  • Training name does not mention the word "porn"
                  • Bank statements or purchase receipts will not mention the word "porn" for your confidentiality
                  • None of your personal information (name, last name, etc.) will ever be known to anyone outside of the private Facebook group
                  • ​If you prefer not to join the Facebook Group for confidentiality purposes, it is your choice if you want to be part of it.

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                  6 BONUSES

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